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Rock Howard

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A winter's tale

Today truly feels like fall. Or, more like, a winter that you don't need a coat for. It feels as cold without a coat, as winter does with one. The weather makes me think of you. Is this because we are having a fight, or is it because of the countless fond memories in cold weather we have? It makes me think of memories of you in the ice, around my graduation. (Cute snowmen. Go figure.) It makes me think of huddling together on Christmas morning. (Waiting for Santa. Again, go figure.) Happy memories all the same, though. And not because I'm a dork. There's plenty of memories for that. These memories are special because of you. Not for anything or anyone else. And these are among the kinds of things, the kinds of times that I would miss. Our love for this time of year binds us. The holidays would just seem that much more empty with out you. What would become of all of our things? What would become of us?
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