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There were so many thoughts that slipped through the cracks, today. I began to get upset at myself; just as soon as I thought of something, before I got to act on it, it disappeared from my thoughts. They were nothing important. . .just trivial thoughts. Pieces of information, actions that wouldn't build up to anything substantial in the future.

But, life balances itself in the funniest ways. (Doesn't it?) There is one thing that echoed in my head, today. It sounded, and I reflected. Just one of those thoughts you think walking from point A to point B. I thought of it again, just now, and researched it. And then I found it.

I just found a forgotten memory. A piece, a reflection of my own past that had disappeared. An archive such as this one. But it was greater. It had an audience, it had a purpose. It had scholarship, even. How important. . .how could I forget something so important? I want to scream it from the rooftops, I want to put it in faces and say, "This is what I mean." But that would compromise it's holiness. So, I can't leave any hints. A document so hidden, that even its creator had forsaken it. I cannot allow.

I have to find that piece of myself, again. Hearts that bleed in silence, cannot be reflected upon and remembered later. Death without a witness.
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