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Age brings me here, today. Current events make the passing of time more acute than normal.

This is the best metaphor that I could produce for it. Let's say this is an MMO. You get all of the new, cool, exciting shit at Level 21. You can cast new spells, get into new dungeons, wear new armor, all that rot. Level 23, well, you're stronger than 21s, but, you're just thinking about the cool things you get at 25 or 30. You're just mindlessly leveling. Or trying to distribute skill points to make your character worth a damn in the mean time. I'm a level 23 right now, and it kind of sucks. I'm watching friends go into level 21, and I'm so excited for them to be gaining that level. But. . .I miss that excitement. I'm watching some go into Level 25 with fucked up attribute points, and can't wait 'till I can do it better.

But I got id.
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