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rockhoward's Journal

Rock Howard
26 May 1983
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Hi, everyone and welcome to my LiveJournal. All things considered, this is mostly just a big experiment on my part. Who knows where it will end up. You can find out more about me primarily through there. I could never describe myself well in just a few words. If you'd like to talk for any reason or discuss anything in my Journal, go ahead and drop me an e-mail. ^_^ If you're here from the other side, please read a disclaimer. ^_^; Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy what I've written!

a-kon, action figures, aki ross, alucard, andrew w.k., angels, anime, anime conventions, asuka langley soryu, battle royale, beating the odds, being right, blue heaven, boba fett, capcom vs. snk, carmen sandiego, claire redfield, closure, cosmetics, cosplay, cosplayers, cowboy bebop, crossplay, crying, cuddling, dance dance revolution, dancing, dead cell, decent people, decongesting ears, default settings, disillusions, domestic situations, doubles, dr. dre, ebay, eminem, fake sounds of progress, fatal fury, fighting games, final fantasy, fortune, fox-hound, garou densetsu, geese howard, ghosts, gilgamesh, goenitz, gundam wing, heaven's judgment, helena dolph jackson, hollywood hulk hogan, hugs, idealism, inspiration, iori yagami, james bond, jill valentine, josta, k-pax, keeping my scholarship, kevin nash, king of fighters, lance of longinus, late evening, learning experiences, lightsabers, living, lulu, marie howard, mature, memories, metal gear solid, metallica, metaphors, mobile suit gundam, model kits, moogle dolls, moonlight, moulin rouge, mountain dew code red, musicals, mysterious dancers, nemesis, neon genesis evangelion, nicole blackman, nine inch nails, old school, orange and lemon-lime, para para paradise, partying hard, raven, read or die, red bull, remembering, reminiscing, resident evil, revolver ocelot, rock howard, rolling thick, sacrifice, sarah, sarah bryant, scott hall, sega dreamcast, sega saturn, shermie, shiva, shriekback, sleeping, sniper wolf, snipers, solid snake, star wars, staying warm, substance, taun we, the internet, the new face team, the nwo, the outsiders, the undertaker, times new roman font, unique interests, vamp, vice, video games, walks by the lake, warmth, warp, when things are perfect, wind, writing, yashiro nanakaze